Our Vision

To promote Yoruba core values, unity and collaborative efforts towards a prosperous and technologically advanced society in Yoruba Land.


Promote Yoruba core values, unity and collaborative efforts towards a prosperous and technologically advanced society in Yoruba Land.

Promote and disseminate Yoruba cultural values in an innovative manner through effective engagement of our professionals, academicians and intellectuals at home and in the Diaspora in skills development and knowledge acquisition and transfer for the accelerated development of the Yoruba Nation and the dignity of its peoples.

Harness indigenous knowledge of Yoruba people at home for the social and cultural development of Yoruba global outreach.

Create a synergy between Yoruba traditional knowledge, educational and research institutions for the development of local resources like medicine and food for the livelihood of the Yoruba people.

Provide the platform for the sharing of ideas between Yoruba professionals in diaspora and Yoruba professionals at home towards a basket fund for the development of research in science, culture, music, art, and agriculture for a greater Yoruba Nation.

Create an international network of talented young Yoruba men and women in various fields of human endeavour including but not limited to music, art, creative industry (Computer Innovation), media, sports and economic entrepreneur for effective exploration of global opportunities for the overall philosophy of Yoruba youth industry and capacity building.


Establish a Yoruba Nation where the new Nation shall ensure the elimination of all forms of [racial] discrimination in any shape or form including the elimination of all threats, dangers, and risks to the lives, livelihood, properties, well being and safety of all citizens, residents and visitors.

Ensure that all citizens, residents and visitors are consistently treated fairly, equally, justly and humanely in accordance with Human Rights and as allowed for by law.

Rescind and eliminate the slavery and servitude which the Colonialists imposed via a forced marriage since the Year 1914 comprising an amalgamation of incompatible and dissenting people, cultures and values.

Establish our claim to and take charge of all our ancestral lands westward of River Kwara as per the correct name cited in https://youtu.be/7E8kvBFY-2I and https://youtu.be/MGs6nm5LWdE (the derisive cognomen called Nig[g]er Area does a huge disservice to our beloved innocent people who were not consulted before the forced marriage that was imposed on them by shenanigans).