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Donations & Refunds

If you are a new donor and trying to give a large donation, your bank may be declining your card. Please call your bank and ask them to allow the charge to go through. Then go and donate again. Are you in poor connection area? Try an area with better service! Are you using a very old version of a web browser? Try using Google Chrome or Safari.

Contact our support team here. Once we've received the confirmation and processed your refund, you'll receive the funds back into the account used within 5 - 10 working days

YES, Kindly contact admin to request offline donation

Fill the donation form and select anonymous donation


Login to your account to edit your profile

Link to unsubscribe is below the last email you received. kindly follow the link to unsubscribe

Go to my account to change your password and re-login. You can also use the forgot password link at the login page

Contact support team, use the contact form