The First Egba Ake Palace Building

Ake‟s palace is the executive organ of the Egba Ake town, which is the center of development around which Egba Ake evolved. The palace comprised the ancient museum and religious centers within which the city function and developed. Ake‟s palace is the seat of the paramount ruler of Egbaland. The first Ake Palace building was structured in letter „L‟ shape and completed in 1854 in preparation for Okekenu ist installation on 8th August 1854 as the first Alake of Abeokuta. It was decorated with different shapes
of carved woods depicting art and culture of the city, thus pointing to the professional trade of Okekenu as an industrial wood carver. The Palace building consisted of five rooms leading to a large open space provided in front of the rooms with a large veranda supported by twelve heavily molded poles serving as columns (owon). The veranda served as a venue where the Alake used to engage the Ogboni and war chiefs in private discussion. It was also used by the Alake in listening to various complaints from the community who sought for redress. This venue was and still referred to as “Idiere” or “Dipomu” at the Alake Palace